Los Angeles Is World Famous For Its Hollywood Theaters

The west coast of the United States of America is one of the best places to visit in a person’s lifetime. Not only does it have some of the most outstanding geological scenery that can be found on the planet, such as Yosemite and Death Valley, it also contains the bustling cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The main place that most people head for is LA. This city, in southern California, is where the world famous Hollywood can be found. Millions of people flock to the Boulevard every year, and pay homage to many of the Hollywood theatres.

If you just select one Hollywood theatre at random, and read up on its history, it will be discovered that many well-known actors, past and present, have appeared there. No Hollywood actor’s career is complete until they have appeared in one of the many theatres on the Boulevard.

There is one thing about Los Angeles, and that much of it at some point has appeared in a Hollywood movie. Take a drive around the central area, and many of the buildings will be recognizable, even for people who have never been before. Take a drive into the hills, and many locations that have appeared in movies can be found. Head down to the beaches, and the Santa Monica pier will be known by most people, as it has appeared in so many films and programs, it is difficult to count them.

LA also has many beautiful beaches for the tourist to visit, and hiring a car gives the opportunity to take a trip along the famous Ocean Drive. Just back from this road, up in the hills, is where many of the world’s famous actors live. A visit to LA is an amazing experience that should not be missed.

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