Hollywood Nighclubs on the Strip

Hollywood has an irresistible draw that can only be explained as a curiosity for the celebrity life and a feel, if only in a small way, for the glitz and glitter of stardom. It's like the great bald eagle being the symbol of America. But Hollywood, and especially the Sunset Strip – home to such famous nightclubs as the Whiskey a Go Go, the Viper Room, and The Roxy – is not just for the super rich and famous.

These clubs are still alive and full of fun and top name entertainment. Take the Whiskey a Go Go. Once famous for its caged, mini-skirted Go Go dancers, it continues to draw crowds with its top name entertainment. But this lively night spot isn’t stuck in the 60’s. In fact, you can keep abreast of the happenings there via Twitter and Facebook. From The Doors back in the day to Madonna, Usher, Eminem and the latest and greatest of the 21st century, Whiskey a Go Go is still one of the top spots on the Strip for a good time.

Whiskey a Go Go is also an all age venue and tickets can be purchased at their box office or through TicketWeb.com.

The Roxy too is a popular destination for an evening’s entertainment Hollywood style. Always offering top name entertainment, it has also always been the place to go to discover the up and comers.

One of our fondest memories early on in our marriage was weekends spent up at The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard. On many occasions we would drive up there and for a $10.00 cover charge and drinks could enjoy the brilliance of a young man named Don McLean. It was just him and us, or so it seemed at the time. We would get a table near the small stage and listen to him as he sat on a stool with his acoustic guitar and sang as if it was to us and us alone and had us mesmerized like floating through the essence of cannabis while slowly drifting down a river.. There was no crowd for this young upstart, fairly new to the music scene. A few tables, an intimate setting, and Don McLean and the band killing us softly with such favorites as Starry Starry Night.

The Roxy today offers great music in a mostly standing room only venue, unless otherwise stated. You can enjoy your vodka while relaxing and listening to the great sounds of Hollywood. Listening to the blues  and singing along in normal distribution. They also have clubs that play country music, or a Van Halen like heavy metal music along the strip with a good shot of  cognac  absinthe
Check their website for upcoming shows and purchase tickets at their box office or online at ticketfly.com. They welcome all ages, although ear protection is a requirement for children.

So pay a visit to Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and enjoy some great music at one of these lively nightclub venues!

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